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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  December 18, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> new snow total show the baltimore area getting more than a foot of snow. where the storm is now and when we can see blizzard like conditions in my sky watch forecast. >> hopefully people stay off the roads. be safe. >>reporter: bracing for winter blast. the rush to get supplies. and the effort to keep maryland road clear. we were wearing heavy clothes. layered clothes. hat. and gloves. i don't have them on now but we are comfortable. >> water main woe. some baltimore resident could be braving this weekend storm without heat. >>reporter: what went into making the most costly movie of all time. hello.
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>> major snowstorm with blizzard like conditions making its way north. >> maryland is directly in its path. this is the radar image of the storm. >> already caused big trouble down south in louisiana. heavy rains caused serious flooding. roads look like rivers and sand bag brought in to troy and protect houses and bests from the rapidly rising water. >> we have live team coverage at this hour. keith is live at kateville as people get ready for big dig. we are live in baltimore where the city and surrounding communities help road crew staying ahead of the storm. >> we begin first tonight with meteorologist jessica star live in the sky watch center with the latest on when the snow will start and how much we are going to get. >>reporter: hi. this is a really big system that brought some drenching rains to the south and coming in towards the cold air we have been experiencing and that is where we are going to see significant snow fall. right now currently already moving in to north carry loin and virginia zooming in a little
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bit closer just not falling just yet. we are still very dry. atmosphere still very dry and snow picking up here is evaporating but the snow flakes will start to fall at 11:00 o'clock tonight and it is going to accumulate big time. this is a big storm. so thinks the expected snow fall total from tonight all the way through sunday morning. 12 inches or more from baltimore through dc foot or more of snow by sunday morning. 8 to 12 inches in the higher elevation of maryland and right around 6 to 12 inches to the lower portion of the del mar peninsula. i'll time out the system and when we will see blizzard like conditions for tomorrow coming up in a few minute. >> thanks so much. >> while we wait for the snow to start falling state officials working very hard to get roads ready for the wicked weather. >> meranda live in north baltimore with whether is already done and what the plan is for once the snow starts to fall. >>reporter: hi karen and jeff. you know the roads are free and clear now but that will definitely change later tonight and throughout the day tomorrow as we get ready for
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the major snowstorm but during a press conference earlier today city officials say they are prepared. in fact earlier we caught some crews loading up the trucks with saws. the city says it has over 15,000 tons of salt for snow removal. as crews get ready for the sn snowstorm, drivers say -- officials say drivers can make their job a lot easier by doing things like removing their vehicle from emergency snow routes. the main thing they want focus to do is just stay off the roads, period. >> if you don't have to go out, stay home. stay in. watch tv. enjoy your family. if you don't get out on the road it means that we don't have to get around you if you get stuck. stay home. >>reporter: that was city fire chief who also noticed that all of the city fire stations will be open this weekend. there will be no rotating closures. that
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controversial move they have been making in the past to try to save money that will not happen. all the fire stations will be open this weekend. sought message really they want to get out is they are taking the snowstorm very seriously and they want others to do the same. we are live in north baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. thanks miranda. this is the biggest storm we have seen in several years. a lot of people get this put on holiday shopping. they shop for essentials instead. >> we are live in kateville with closer look on how people are preparing tonight. what can you tell us? >>reporter: well, we are live at the lowe home improvement. when talk of cold snow, tough the hot commodity and they are of course the shovels. the snow shovel are sold out. this is all they have the old fashioned garden shovel and they have plenty of ice melt and the salt. people with scooping it newspaper bags
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then of course the bread and milk to consider. now it is kind of like a ritual. people run to the grocery store for preparing for the snow. hot items there mention the bread and milk but they say you can't forget about the battery and snack items. when you are taking that mad dash to the grocery store. >> i think it's crazy. tell me people don't have enough food or don't have a roll of toilet paper in the house's a comfort thing. you are preparing for the snow so just in case you have what you need to survive for a couple days. >>reporter: we are back live with the pet friendly ice melt. of course we have chuck the manager here at the store and tells us what other kinds of items do you think are hot, people should consider in weather like this e.make sure you always get the winter survival kit that include like you said the battery, flashlight, first aid kit, also make sure that you have your ice scrapers to go along with the car. when you lose power you need to have a generator. with that being said you have to worry about
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the safety. make sure you use it out doors. also have a co2 detector as well just for your safety so you don't have c o poisoning. >>reporter: thanks. people are scooping up the ice and ice melt and the salt. of course chuck gave us some other tips. we are live in kateville, fox 45 news at 5:30. that wrings us to our question of the day. are you prepared for this weekend storm. go to our web seat and tell us what you think. also sound off through face book send us a tweet at fox baltimore and you can text your answer to 45203 enter fox 45 a.for yes or fox 45 b.for no. your response may air tonight on the news at 10:00. now the last time we saw storm this powerful was february 2002 6. dumped nearly a foot of snow in the baltimore region just in time for valentine's day. and nearly three years before that was the big one. largest snowstorm on record in the city of baltimore. president's day storm in 2003.
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that left 28 inches of snow. and this weekend we want to see your photo of the snow. send them our way. go to fox and click on the shoot it icon and send photo from your cell phone to pick at fox >> snow fall, the cleanup cost add up in baltimore city. the snow removal budget is 3.5 million dollars. this weekend storm is much larger and earlier in the season than road crew usually expect. that money could disappear quickly. >> and if we use it all up, up, we'll just find it somewhere. because you got to have fire. you got to have police. you got to have water and heat. and you got to be able to get through the snow streets. so we have no choice. that is what cities do. >>reporter: baltimore county the snow removal budget is 6 million dollars. county officials say it cost 100,000 dollars per hour to have the
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crew out in full force. even though the storm is hitting tomorrow cancellation already abound as we speak. carol howard and andarundle county cancelled all school sponsored activities for saturday. some sunday activities also have been cancelled. classes are ns kaeled saturday at johns hopkins. university of maryland college park is postponing final schedule for tomorrow. saturday commencement ceremony also cancelled. individual college graduation ceremony at the college park campus are still on so far for sunday. and there's another major event being moved. ravens game against the chicago bears has now been moved to 4:15 p.m. on sunday afternoon. of course as as you can watch the game right here on fox 45. of course stay with us for continuing coverage of this weekend's winter blast. we'll have all the latest on what is expected tonight of course on fox 45 news at 10:00 and late edition at 11:00 o'clock and there's always information found on line. just go to our
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web site. some people in northeast baltimore could brave this weekend winter blast in the cold. still dealing with the aftermath of yesterday's massive water main break on arrest gone drive. the mayor toured the area to get a firsthand look at the damage. megan has latest on the repairs and the mess the massive break left behind. >>reporter: water just gushed out. >>reporter: crew worked overnight. trying to repair the 42 inch water main that suddenly collapsed on thursday. as the sun rose, the water restrictions were lifted for city resident residents. but new day sheds light on a new problem. 80 bge customers still without natural gas service. for many that means no heat. >> we wearing heavy clothes. layers of clothes. hat. gloves. i don't have them on now but we are comfortable. i
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made reservation for hotel today and over the weekend but sense the snow is coming in i didn't want to get stuck not being able to get back in my house and my husband is on oxygen so therefore he needs accessibility to the house. >>reporter: bge officials say draining the water that flooded into the gas main could take days. with snow conditions predicted this weekend, the american red cross is making sure family have a place to warm-up. >> we have a shelter set up at the rawlings building right over on morgan state which i can see from right here. e-for now she says her family is doing just fine. on the bright side of things. >> at least won't have snow to shovel. >>reporter: northeast baltimore, megan, fox 45 news at 5:30. in other news now. 3 people and baby are hospitalized after a carbon monoxide leak in baltimore county this afternoon. it happened around 1:30 at apartment complex in full
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fullerton. firefighters arrive to find a woman outside holding unconscious baby. another unconscious woman was discovered in the apartment. no word at this hour on their condition. >> what kind of impact do is this storm going to have on the roads tonight. we have the traffic edge report. hi lauren. >> hi jeff. we are dealing with several incidents and a lot of congestion tonight. but first let's look at our speeds. we are looking at 49 miles per hour in the northeast corridor of 95. 30 on the top side of the belt way. look at this. only 23 miles per hour on the west side of the belt way. so a slow go there. we have double trouble in lutherville gas main break on york road at york road and crash reported there at green meadow drive watch out for. traveling on the top side of the belt way with live look at green spring avenue you notice the inner outer loop lanes are jam packed. watch out for disabled tractor-trailer on the outer loop lanes to providence road. that's the evening travels now back to
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you. all right thanks so much. starting again on slots in the city. >> still ahead on the news at 5:30. hear what mayor dixon thinks about yesterday decision by the state slot commission. >> and suddenly cold and windy
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>> back to square one for the slots to baltimore. the state slot commission reject add bid by baltimore entertainment group to put more than 3700 slots at the bank stadium. the group failed to pay more than 19 million dollars in listening fees for the project. big disappoint thement to mayor dixon. >> it will slow up process and new source we were depending on. we were looking at that to help reduce property tax. >>reporter: slots commission is expected to reopen bidding for the baltimore city site early next year. 2 light rail operators will be losing their job after an accident in july that killed 2 teens. jerrad peterson and kile miller were
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hit from behind while walking on the tracks near the lutherville station. baltimore county police did not file charges because they determined it was an accident. the mta won't comment further net on the fires however but 4 other workers will also receive disciplinary action. i still can't believe more than 12 inches of snow could be on the ground by this time tomorrow. >> i'm telling you it is december. eastern seaboard. jessica jones us now on the sky watch center on when the storm is at the very worst. >> it's about the worst tomorrow afternoon at this time and inching also close towards our region right now and sky watch radar lock at the cease of the system. stemming from kentucky through virginia and down towards georgia. a lot of rain showers to south carolina right now but look at the white stuff. snow showers already in virginia and north carolina zooming in closer towards our region. not here in baltimore dc. just yet but it will start to accumulate overnight. we will see our first snow flake around 11:00
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o'clock tonight and here's what we could expect snow fall total from the system as it departs by early sunday morning. we do see a foot 2 feet of snow here in baltimore and dc and then further west you go 8 to 12 inches of snow in the fire elevation of maryland and 6 to 12 inches to the southern 10 of the del mar peninsula. this is very big system. winter storm warning in effect from midnight tonight all the way through 6:00 a.m. on sunday as the system is going to be a little bit of a slow mover to depart. here's our future scan. one model timing out the snow and how it is going to accumulate. right around 7:00 a.m. about 5 inches here in baltimore. effective inches in west manipulate sister. look at annapolis. 7 inches by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. couple hours goes by. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow 8 inches in baltimore. 10 inches in annapolis and 10 inches in forehead wreck. very big system. very powerful system with a lot of moisture and that cold air is in place by 2:00 o'clock. lock at the snow total. 12 and a half inches and 14 inches and all
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said and done we could see 15 and 19 inches. quickly night and tomorrow 3 to 6 inches overnight tonight. 6 to 8 inches during the daytime tomorrow and 1 to 2 inches by saturday night. there is even another system that could impact us for christmas.i'll have that coming up in the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. can the most expensive movie
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>> one director putting it all open the line for one of the biggest releases of the year this weekend. >> kandace explains in tonight's low down. >>reporter: huge 200 million dollar gamble into record breaking success. with titanic. 12 years ago. hollywood insider say the newest project is the most expensive film of all time and more than 300 million dollars. you can see if it all paid off when avatar is released this weekend. when cameron first conceived the idea for the film he felt that technology wasn't up to par with his vision. 15 years lat later, 4 of which in production, we have avatar. handicap marine takes part in new mining program on an alien
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planet. >> you are on pan door a. if there's a hell you might want to go there for some r&r. >>reporter: humans have the conscienceness linked to avatar who do the work for them in toxic environment. >> they grow from human dna mixed with dna of the native. >>reporter: when the native begin to protest he is sent to infiltrate them but after befriending the local he needs to choose which race to fight for in the battle for the entire world. most of the money went into the mind bog effects. oh, my god. >>reporter: some think that comes at the expense of character and story. despite most review are positive. you can judge for yourself avatar is rated pg-13 that's the low down. gift of warmth is being given out this holiday season thanks to help from you our viewers.
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>> morning crew spent the entire morning today collecting winter clothing. it was part of third annual warm holiday wishes holiday coat drive. now this year thanks to your generosity we collected 1,600 pounds of coat coat, hat and gloves. we thank you very much. ravens bears game has been changed. find out when the purple and plaque will take the field on sunday. that's coming up next in sports. i've had asthma for 12 years.
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>> welcome back. if you are planning ongoing to the ravens game tomorrow against chicago there's no need to rush. the game time has been changed to 4:15 because of the heavy snowstorm expected to start later tonight. ravens organization pushed back the game to allow more time to clean up the stadium and provide a safe environment for
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the fans. from the cold in grown bay to non-stop rain last week the ravens have battled mother nature last few weeks and preparing all this week to weather the storm. >> well i think it makes it tough on the passing game sometimes especially if you get the el meant combined with the whipped. that makes throwing the ball, catching the ball tougher but part of the challenge is to compete against and defeat the element. practice with wet ball outside as much as we can and we have to be prepared to doe feet the el meant as well. >>reporter: and remember you can see the ravens 10 their push for the play offs this monday right here on fox 45 when they host the bears. remember, kick off has been changed from 1:00 o'clock to 4:15. you can see the ravens take on the bears this sunday 4:15 right here on fox 45. we have more on the ravens plus michael phelps shares his thoughts on tiger woods. now we have a big rivalry for the subway highway school game of the week as calvert battling
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loyola in basketball. 10:50 on sports unlimited. back to you. >> thanks so much. good the game is moved back. more time for tailgating in the snow. going to be a good team tomorrow. snow and lots of it. lots of it. headed this way. >> jessica is back now to tell us when we will be able to dig out to start the tailgating. >> about sunday afternoon is when you can get out there and start to dig out. big system here on the map right now. wakes up snow showers already moving in to virginia. won't really see the snow showers start alejandro avila midnight and accumulate very fast. we have a winter storm warning from midnight all the way through subpoenaed morning for the entire state of maryland down through virginia. a down through virginia. a little bit of a
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